Commercial Cleaning

Stephanie’s team cleans the restrooms, sink counter areas, and our lunchroom at the store, Scholze Ace Home Center. They do a great job, providing a safe and healthy environment in these areas, for our customers and our team. They are dependable and very pleasant to work with. They also help us at our vacation rental home, Caballete Retreat. They did a fantastic cleanup after we did some remodeling and construction work inside the home. We had them do a thorough spring cleaning where they washed and sanitized almost every surface, including the dishes. They continue to help us with cleaning between guests. Again they are just great to work with. Friendly, honest, dependable, and thorough in their attention to detail is why we will continue to partner with them and recommend them to others.

Daniel Scholze

Scholze Ace Home Center

We had these folks come in to do some deep cleaning and dusting for us….and they are welcome back any time! They work fast and thorough! Came in after we closed and got down to business right away,.., Couldn’t have been more impressed! They were respectful and cognitive of all the food prep areas- which is very important! Made sure to take care of all the little bits of dust, overspray. If your business has a job that needs to do, I would highly recommend this crew….hardworking, fast, clean, easy!

Revolution Coffee

We have been using Black River Falls Cleaning Services for some time in our manufacturing facility, and HIGHLY recommend Stephanie and her team! The quality of service provided has been outstanding. Cleaning restrooms and common areas that service nearly 200 employees is no small task, but the team continuously gets it done. They take extra time to seek out areas that may need a little extra work and make our facility shine! We started using them for only office areas and quickly asked them to increase their services for us. Using Black River Falls Cleaning Services has allowed our workforce to remain focused on serving our own customers, while we know that our facility is being cleaned and sanitized by the best!

Reva W.

HR Manager of Manufacturing Facility

We’ve All Been There

Walking into a business for the first time, the first thing you notice are the smudges on the glass doors. Before your appointment time, you decide to use the restroom while you have a few minutes. When you open the stall door, you regret not doing this task before you left home. After a thorough hand-washing, you go back out to the lobby. You glance up to the beautiful crown molding- well, it would be beautiful if not for the copious amounts of cobwebs hanging from the corners of the room. Your first impression is less than stellar- and you haven’t even met the staff yet! Now reverse this- what are YOUR customers thinking when they walk into your business for the first time? If it sounds anything like what we’ve just described, it’s time to call Black River Falls Cleaning Services.

Trusting a company to clean your facilities is a very big decision- not only are they in control of the cleanliness of your business & the first impressions of potential customers, they are most likely in your location unsupervised. You may be tempted to just have your staff- or worse, yourself- handle the cleaning. This is where Black River Falls Cleaning Services comes in. You and your team have much more important things to worry about than the cobwebs, restrooms, and window smudges. For us, these details are what we obsess over.

Black River Falls Cleaning Services is the #1 trusted commercial cleaning service in Western Wisconsin. We currently clean for businesses of all sizes in Jackson County, ranging from industrial plants, hardware stores, small offices, and childcare centers.
Why choose us for your commercial cleaning needs?

Reliable- when we say we’ll be there, you can take our word for it. We utilize software which requires GPS clock-ins and clock-outs that notify our management team that our cleaning technicians are at the scheduled locations. When we DO have the inevitable sick employee, we have multiple back ups trained on each location’s needs so no matter what, your business WILL be cleaned before you open the next morning. No more trying to hire an individual cleaner yourself that leaves you wondering, “did the cleaner even come last night?” or getting the “sorry, I can’t make it in to clean tonight” text. Black River Falls Cleaning Services ALWAYS gets the job done.

Customized Plans- for every single business, we design a custom janitorial plan that fits your needs. Off of this plan, we create checklists for our cleaning technicians to follow that fit the frequency of the visit. We clean businesses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Need us to clean a few times a week? No problem. Need a cleaning more frequently in the winter to deal with the increased mud and salt in your lobby? Done. Black River Falls Cleaning Services creates a Janitorial Operations Manual for each facility for our staff to reference, as your business’s cleaning needs are different than every other business.

Highly Communicative- with every commercial location we clean, we request feedback on a very regular basis- we want to know when you are happy and when changes need to be made. Again, this is different than when you hire an individual cleaner that you must potentially discipline or, even worse, avoid conflict with, thus letting the cleanliness of your business suffer. Many businesses we clean for now have told us this was the case prior to Black River Falls Cleaning Services taking over. They hired a family friend or someone down on their luck to clean and were afraid to tell them that they were unhappy with the cleanings. By hiring a company rather than an individual, there is a level of management in between you and our cleaning technicians. It’s OUR job to take care of correcting any necessary behavior or task completion. We want your experience to be incredible with us, and welcome all feedback so we can continue to make your facility shine.

What Tasks Can We Complete?

Most businesses Black River Falls Cleaning Services cleans for have us complete the following tasks:

Lobbies, Entrances, Conference Rooms, and Offices:

· Dust all high-reach areas, as needed
· Wipe down all furniture and décor
· Clean all glass
· Vacuum/sweep floors, damp mop floors
· Sweep exterior of entryway, if necessary
· Remove garbage and replace garbage bags

Breakrooms & Locker Rooms:

· Dust all high-reach areas, as needed
· Clean exterior of appliances, interior of microwaves
· Wipe down all counters, tables, and chairs
· Vacuum/sweep floors, damp mop floors
· Remove garbage and recycling and replace garbage bags
· Replace all expendable items, such as napkins and paper towels

Restrooms and Kitchens:

· Dust all high-reach areas, as needed · Clean all mirrors, counters, and sinks · Clean all toilets and urinals · Spot clean walls around soap dispensers, garbage cans, stall partitions · Clean exterior of any appliances, interior of microwaves · Vacuum/sweep floors, damp mop floors · Remove garbage and recycling and replace garbage bags · Replace all expendable items, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap

In addition to the tasks listed, we can add any specific requests you have to your cleaning plan. We can also rotate tasks on an as-needed basis, such as less-used rooms and tasks that don’t need to be done on a daily basis, like fridge or oven cleanings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

How Often Can You Clean My Business?

We can clean at your facility on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Many of our current clients have us come a few times a week.

We Have Safety Requirements at Our Facility. Can You Accommodate These Requirements?

Yes. We gladly require our staff to observe any safety requirements you have, whether that be hearing, sight, or hand protection, or specific safety training. We regularly go over safety with our cleaners and teach them to be extremely observant, especially with locations that are operating while we are cleaning.

What Time Will You Be Cleaning at Our Business?
We can accommodate virtually all appointment time requests. Some facilities we clean require us to clean during the day so staff are present. Others have us come in the evenings after business hours. No matter your business hours, we can almost certainly fit your cleanings around what works best for you.
How Much Will the Cleanings Cost?
Because every business is unique in size and scope of work, each cleaning bid must be as well. For commercial cleaning services, you will be given a flat rate bid so your costs are constant each month. This way, regardless of the speed of the cleaner, you will not pay varying rates each visit. Our cleaners are bonded and insured, meaning your business and all that is in it is protected. We can provide proof of insurance when requested.
Do I Need to Supply the Cleaning Tools and Supplies?
This is not necessary, as Black River Falls Cleaning Services can provide all needed tools and supplies. However, many of our clients prefer for us to use their supplies, which we are happy to accommodate.

Having a Clean Business Location Is No Longer an Option in Today’s World.

One negative online review about the cleanliness of your facility can impact your bottom line more times than you will ever know.

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