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We at Black River Falls Cleanings Services can’t WAIT to hear from you about your cleaning needs.

We fulfill both residential and commercial cleaning needs, and with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we know you’ll be thrilled with your home or business!

Booking with Black River Falls Cleaning Services is very simple- fill out the estimate request form below and within 1 business day, you will receive an estimate on cleaning your home or business. This estimate will be based off of the information you provide to us below, so please be honest! We will give you a time range we expect the initial clean as well as ongoing cleaning time estimates.

First time cleanings always take quite a bit longer than ongoing appointments as we bring your home up to our standard of cleaning. The more often we visit, the cleaner your home will stay!

All employees of Black River Falls Cleaning Services are bonded and fully insured. We assume the risk instead of you! Hiring a licensed company with proper insurance coverage may not meet your budget and cost expectations. Our prices reflect not only the cost of doing business but the value we bring & the risk we assume, as opposed to you assuming the risk as a domestic employer hiring an independent cleaner. Jackson County has many options for home and office cleaning services. If you do hire an independent cleaner, we highly suggest making sure they carry general liability insurance, workman’s comp, and can provide a clean background check as well as a bond. Be diligent with who you allow into your home! Read public reviews on Facebook, google, yelp, etc. to ensure that your home is in good hands.

If you are choosing us for residential cleaning, you can be sure that your home will be cleaner than it ever has been! Many of our clients cannot believe the results after their first cleaning:

“Ashley and Lashonda did an amazing job on my very well “lived in” and cluttered home. Between sports, school, and work its hard to get more than just the basics done and it was so wonderful being able to relax on an afternoon off without having to think about mopping floors or dusting fans. The bathrooms look like when the house was first built 9 years ago! Highly recommend this for all the busy sports moms out there!”

-Kate P, Homeowner and busy Mom

“Since the very beginning when I began using the services of BRF Cleaning Services, I have been impressed with their high level of professionalism. From their website, to communications with the owner (billing, scheduling etc.), the check-sheet left at the end of each cleaning, to the quality of the house cleaning. April is an absolute joy to have. I look forward to her monthly visit…not only because she leaves the house spotless, but also because of “who” she is. Kind, respectful, attentive to detail, and takes pride in her work. There is only one tiny problem…I don’t want to touch anything when April finishes her work because I’m afraid I’m going to leave a smudge on an otherwise shiny clean surface! 🙂 I tell everyone I know about BRF Cleaning Services! Thank you!”

-Deb B, Homeowner and small business owner

“I am so pleased with LaShonda–she left my house spotless. Very professional about her job and told me exactly what she did. Such a nice person, too.”

-Rhoda G, Homeowner

Our team is hired first on character and values. We want to ensure our team at Black River Falls Cleaning Services all works together on the same mission: to give you the most professional and thorough cleaning you’ve ever experienced. Many of our cleaners are parents themselves, and understand the struggle it is to maintain a clean home with little ones, pets, and so many other responsibilities you have.

After an extensive training program, each cleaner is prepared to tackle your biggest stressors. If they don’t have a bit of OCD about cleaning, they don’t make the Black River Falls Cleaning Services team! It is SO satisfying for our cleaners to come into a space that needs some TLC and see our client’s reactions to the amazing transformation that occurs in their homes and businesses.

Black River Falls Cleaning Services uses all-natural cleaners whenever possible to avoid using potentially dangerous chemicals in your home around your family and pets. Using tools like pumice stones, magic erasers, and drill scrub brushes, we can cut through grime and soap scum without the need for harsh cleaners that leave us (and you!) with headaches. Getting the small areas of your home that are oftentimes overlooked can make a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of your home- think about light switches, doors, and cabinet fronts and how much build up occurs over the years. You are certainly too busy to clean these little areas- but for us, we pride ourselves in noticing the details. We want you to be blown away when you walk through the front door!

If you are ready to transform your home into the relaxing oasis it should be for you, reach out to us today. Fill out the quote request form above on or call (715)204-4270 to schedule your first appointment!