It all started from a place of frustration.

We were founded by Stephanie Pipkin, who has always been stressed out by a messy home. It seemed there was never time in the day to keep a clean home, work full time, enjoy friends & family, and live a healthy, active lifestyle without feeling completely overwhelmed. She realized that others in our area must feel this, too.

“I saw that the people in my community are BUSY. They have kids, pets, taxing careers, and not enough time to do the hobbies they want to AND keep their homes clean and tidy. I’ve always loved helping people- six years as a waitress showed me how much I enjoy bringing a smile to my customer’s face.
Every time my home was sparkling clean, a sense of relief and calm washed over me, and I want to bring that feeling to every home we clean. Being able to add true value to my customers’ lives is the main driver behind me opening BRF Cleaning Services.
Black River Falls Cleaning Services was born out of my desire to help this community get their valuable time back to spend with the people that matter most to them.” – Stephanie, Owner
Company Values That Influence Every Choice We Make

We saw how other cleaning companies behave, and we realized how impersonal and inconsistent that must feel to the customer. Reliability & consistency are the name of the game here. Everything we do in your home is based on quality standards & checklists to ensure you get the same great cleaning, every time. We’ll get to know you, your home, & your needs so we give you the absolute best value we possibly can. We follow the mindset that how you do anything is how you do everything, meaning all tasks, large or small, are equally important to exceed your expectations and ensure we have an ongoing, value-packed relationship with you.

Our Three Core Values:

Family First

Our mission is to bring families closer together by performing the tasks that get in the way of this.


We don’t cut corners. We do the right thing, regardless if anyone will find out about it.

A Grateful & Positive Attitude Each Day

We are blessed to be able to make your life better. We search out new ways to make you smile.

We love our community and are a proud member of the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce. We are also a certified partner of the non profit foundation Cleaning For A Reason. As a partner, we are notified when someone in our service area that is battling cancer joins the program. Black River Falls Cleaning Services provides free house cleaning for those affected because when you are battling cancer, cleaning your home is the last thing you have energy to do. It is our humble way of giving back to our community that have supported us throughout our journey and led us to where we are today!

If you’re ready to have more time & energy for the things that matter,

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